Interview with Mathias Bergeron, game creator

Your play style is fully representative of who you are, and gaming attracts some incredibly glitchy humans, geniuses and toxic assholes, people can’t tell the difference! I mean, I read people saying I was “corrosively anti-religious,” and then that I was a “religious terrorist enabler,” I mean, no fucking comment anymore! The Mayan priests, the game’s name even, “The fear of god is the beginning of wisdom—” But Jeri and Mike and Fatima [of Daedalus Games] never saw any of that, they only saw those Wrath Army mouth breathers . . . I mean, I’m not bitter.

Altfest9000, I’ve never been a festivalgoer-type person, standing in a crowd of sweaty meat just to hear music, I mean haptics are a thing. But I went there deliberately, I wanted to reset my own levels. And the sounds that Minos was making—His collaborator, I respect her but you could see she was feeling it like everybody there, why else did she pass out? It was Minos making it happen. At AltFest I realized that there were levels that Fear of God, or any game, hadn’t reached yet, or even started to reach, but could reach. Could definitely reach! All this comes out of my own study, my lifelong study, of personal enlightenment. Streaming Dark Park was meant to jumpstart that enlightenment, and you see what happened, the metrics were insane . . . There’s a certain amount of infrastructure that has to be locked into place, but the world is ready for its own reset! For Paradise!

-MATHIAS BERGERON, game creator

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