The Metaculture Reviews Sfumato Fragrances’ Dark Park VR Scent.

Kathe Koja is the author of futuristic novel Dark Factory, which examines a possible scenario of nightclubs that either embrace, grapple with, or reject XR technology to help design their musical experiences (our review of the book is here). Collaborating with the author, Sfumato Fragrances has created an as-yet-unreleased scent called Dark Park. …

At first smell, Dark Park made me feel as if I were opening a fresh HMD from its packaging. It’s amazing to see a perfume mimic the thrill of buying brand-new expensive tech. On my skin, however, I detected more citrus notes, rather than feeling as if I were wrapped in plastic myself.

-K. Guillory, METACULTURE, is an illustrator who writes about design and gaming trends.

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