Interview with Robbie Kent, partner, Sto Lat

The yellow DJ, yeah, lots of craziness that night, I mean I didn’t expect to be having it off with somebody right under the mural—Oh it’s a monster piece, just monster. Or masterpiece, yeah, that works too. A lot of people ask me [what the mural represents]. To me, the DJ is music, the skeleton is death, and the guy with the funny ears, to me he’s the guy who likes to tell you no . . . Derek, process is everything for Derek, and that night, he was like a laser on the moon, everybody could feel it. And when he took off, it shook me—All the way off, yeah. Map It all you want, you won’t get coordinates from me, you or that gallery guy—Derek’s painting a new piece, the working title is “Belshazzar,” Rembrandt did one that’s in the National—It’s a Bible story, King Belshazzar is throwing this hot rager, and a hand floats in through the window and starts writing on the wall, it says he’s fucked up, he’s finished, all the geezers get scared—No, dead serious, Derek’s not playing, Derek doesn’t play. And he’s painting himself as the king . . . I’m ready to work whenever Derek wants to come back. I figure it all depends on the way the piece turns out. I hope Derek is—I hope the piece turns out OK.

-Robbie Kent, partner, Sto Lat

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