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Interview with Jodie Diamond, DF Guest Services Manager

Dark Factory’s not like any other club, I know that sounds hype-ass but true is true. In all the time I worked there I never felt like I was, you know, “going to work”—Ha ha, no, though there were staff parties sometimes! What I mean is, the whole atmosphere was about, everything is here to make you feel good. Ari trained me, and it’s how I trained my staff, to welcome guests by figuring out what they might need to have a truly banging time. Like someone might be a little overwhelmed—the menus are pretty extensive—so you always wanted to onboard new guests the right way, so they know what to do, or what they want to do . . . You mean, was I ever overwhelmed? I remember my first time, I walked in and I met Ari and I was like, jesus christ, I finally found the party.

JODIE DIAMOND, DF Guest Services Manager

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