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Are you an Ari, Max, or Marfa?

An evening at Dark Factory is all about play, pleasure, and immersion—and sharing that experience with a friend can make the night even better. Take this quick quiz and find out if Ari Regon, Max Caspar, or Marfa Carpenter is the right guide for your night at the Factory!

  • Question of

    My favorite color is . . .

    • Glitter
    • Vibrant, like cherry red
    • On the visible spectrum
  • Question of

    Cocktail or caffeine?

    • Doesn’t matter as long as we can talk while we drink
    • Neither
    • Both
  • Question of

    When I want to meet someone new, I usually . . .

    • Don’t
    • Ask them to dance
    • Ask them a question to break the ice
  • Question of

    When I go to bed, I’m usually . . .

    • Not alone
    • Looking forward to tomorrow
    • Ready to read for a few hours
  • Question of

    My favorite breakfast is . . .

    • An energy bar and tea
    • A smoke
    • To go
  • Question of

    My favorite book is . . .

    • A biography of someone creative, famous, or both
    • Not a huge reader tbh
    • A metaphysical novel, maybe something by Philip K. Dick
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    My favorite song is . . .

    • A total banger or an old-school ballad
    • Simple and intricate
    • Loud and on repeat
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    I go to Dark Factory because . . .

    • That’s where the party is
    • That’s where the answers are
    • That’s how vision begins

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