Interviews with Clara Dix & Davide Fabron, Reality Artists, Fantastic Fantoms

An interview with Clara Dix, reality artist, owner, Fantastic Fantoms:

I work in creation systems, Y and gaming. I started out in dev at Elongation, then Black Diamond, JoJoJo, then tech at Dark Factory, and lead tech on the Overtime launch team. The concept was achievable, the schedule for deliverables not so much . . . Fantastic Fantoms is my own shop.

UX is—user experience—UX is absolutely paramount in Y and gaming, and we’re trying to scale that to a really, really macro level. We intend to be commercially successful, no one sees your work if you’re not! But what Fantastic Fantoms is really about is vision, I know that sounds like industry chat but it’s true. My first media teacher, back in Auckland, had a quote from Galileo lettered on her office door: “Eppur si muove,” “And yet it moves.” Galileo was talking about rotational movement, heliocentricity, the Inquisition was after him for saying the earth revolves around the sun—No, my teacher actually meant something else.


An interview with Davide Fabron, reality artist, Fantastic Fantoms:

First I’ve got a question for you: What did the chicken say to the road? Wrong! Try again. Wrong! Give up?

I don’t really want to do an interview, no.


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