Interview with Darin Skellman, VP of Creative Strategies, Junket

You want to talk about mechanics? You mean, what? Tactile odometry, spatial audio, drift correction, immersivity metrics? That’s tech, that’s not my department. But when you get on a plane, do you sit there thinking about Bernoulli’s principle, or do you order a cocktail and enjoy the view? The tech is just there to get you up in the air. What this industry’s actually about is creativity. Every experiential environment is a created environment, so the most impactful user environments are always going to be determined by sheer creativity—Absolutely it can be lucrative, so is finance, but most creatives would rather jump off a bridge than work in finance. Two bridges [laughs]! I’m a kind of sommelier, I have an excellent nose for talent—Metaphor for what?  Metaphor, metaphysics, not my department either. Although I do know no one ever sees the big things coming.

Darin, Skellman, VP of Creative Strategies, Junket

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