Interview with Crow Chick and BillyBoy9, urban explorers

BB9: We come here whenever we want—pro tip, compressed air works on maglocks! It’s wild, like the wild west or whatever, but mostly people are cool.

CC: I have a couple of roof cams, hundreds of hours of the crows’ behavior—You mean like communicative? It’s definitely communicative, but strictly between the birds. Why would they want to communicate with humans, why would they give a fuck what humans think?

BB9: A flying fuck [laughs] The Flock, they don’t talk to anybody but [Crow Chick].

CC:The Ghost’s Flock—Not the “ghost flock,” the Ghost’s Flock, from the Holy Ghost, they say the holy spirit is a bird, flying over the face of the waters, fluttering, quantum flutter—It’s not belief, it’s physics. Dynamics and instability, call it the butterfly effect if you want, but it’s happening. And that’s why the Flock guards the [camera] blinds for me, that’s why they gave you [interviewer] such a hassle. They’re guarding the holy spirit and they’re not fucking around.

BB9: No lie, they almost threw those anthropologists off the roof.

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