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Did we get footage?

Ari says nothing, rolls the unlit blunt between his fingers, how many blunts would it take to make Lee bearable? as Lee clicks on: “Security ejected nine patrons, four for intoxication—two of those were a repeat drug issue, door staff needs a Safe Scan review—two for fighting, and three for lewd conduct.”

“‘Lewd conduct’? Lewd? What exactly qualifies as—”

“They were having sex in the candle room. Three women from a, what was it, a bachelorette party.”


“It was bare sex, they were—messy. And extremely offensive to other patrons, there were multiple complaints—”

“Did we get footage?”

“It isn’t funny, Ari.”

“Yes it is. Did we get footage?”

“Security footage.”

“Maybe Media can use it for the new sizzle reel.”


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