Interview with Angela Ropp, Deputy City Manager

There’s been a great deal of deliberate disinformation, especially on social media—On the property, correct, but the incident was not sponsored or sanctioned in any way by the owner. Jonas Siegler has always been a responsible corporate citizen—The responding officers acted appropriately. The use of crowd control bots—Criminal charges, correct. Misdemeanor public disorder, theft, asset destruction, illegal use of city equipment—The building is vacant now—No vermin, our exterminators have made it impossible for the birds to—No! This is all misinformation, malicious misinformation. Our city is in no way a launching place or breeding ground for this type of disruptive activity, we are a very very safe city of parks and museums and fine dining, and I would strongly discourage anyone, young people, tourists, anyone, from coming here to experience something that is not happening and will not be happening!—What are your press credentials, let me see your press credentials.

-Angela Ropp, Deputy City Manager

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