Interview with Felix Perez/Mister Minos, DJ:

I didn’t know I was going to [play on the roof], I just wanted to get closer to the stars. The mask—That was about Ari, actually, that’s private. Oh I can’t say where Ari would be right now . . . You mean playing? No, that was meant for everybody. Specifically, Everybody. When I first started [playing] I learned about resonance. Then I learned, let me get this right, that in biology, and physics, it says that everything’s vibrating, everything’s resonating all the time at different frequencies, each person and animal and insect and tree and star has a specific frequency. And everybody, every body, is an echo chamber: bodies resonate, they make music. So when things resonate, when they vibrate side by side for long enough, they start to sync up, they’re communicating without even trying. And when they do that, the frequency becomes stronger, and expands, and more things sync up with it, and it just goes on and on. And that frequency has a sound—I don’t know what it’s called. The music of the spheres? It sounds cheesy, when you say it, but not when you play it. Not when you play it. Not when you hear.

– Felix Perez/Mister Minos, DJ

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