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Interview with Faye and Davey Zimmer, musicians, Lost in the Stars

FL: We were headed to a gig, but my QuikPass wouldn’t work, so we got a Hopper. And the Hopper guy said he just dropped off some people at Dark Factory, something weird was going on over there.

DZ: It was like drugs. But not drugs like being high.Drugs like, I lost my shoes. I lost my fear. I sat down in the crusted-up snow, I was so jacked I was crying, I haven’t cried since I was five years old.

FL: The DJ’s playing like a beast. Using a Kaori! You know what that is, a soundbox, just a cheap soundbox. And the street outside is trashed, the cappies are everywhere, they’re waving their tac lights around like it was a fucking rave or something. And this one throwbot kept rolling in circles, like a giant pill bug, it was making these noises, so I started recording it . . . If my QuikPass had worked that night? I think about that a lot.

DZ: And drugs, you know, wear off.

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