Interview with Ash Arder/Mount Mariah, transdisciplinary artist and DJ

Q: When you play, what (or who) are you playing for?

I am playing for the healer inside of me.

Q: Does a DJ have a responsibility to the dancers? Artistic, or otherwise?

Yes. DJs are conjuring energies through song. Like a healer or ritual leader, DJs should take seriously their role in charting an energetic path for people. 

Q: Does a DJ have a responsibility to the music/beats/sounds?

DJs will have their own relationship to the sounds they play. The responsibility lies in the private experience of pleasure from any moment(s) in the sounds. This is why requests are tricky. You may be asking a ceremony leader to conjure energies that don’t create pleasure for them personally. This could throw off the ceremony.

Q: Is it possible for a DJ to be overwhelmed/manipulated by the music they play?

There is certainly a zone that DJs enter into when the sound, dancers, and environment start to blend energetically. When things start to vibrate together. Because DJs are “on” while working, they are several steps ahead of everyone else in moving the experience along. I think overwhelm is a possibility, but manipulation is unlikely.

Q: If all sounds exist in relation to each other, do they need humans to communicate? 

Absolutely not. The world is so active with energy. Humans are simply tapping into an existing program. There are sonic paths all around us all the time. DJs are directing humans toward paths they have enjoyed or been moved by. The paths very much exist without our noticing of them.

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