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The only thing wilder than a night at the club is the morning after, in Paradise . . .

DARK FACTORY opened the doors to a reality-bending dance club, an online immersive portal, and the feeling that the whole world is on the brink of something new. DARK PARK takes you there.

DARK PARK is the story of Sergey the filmmaker, who tracks the makers of the Factory—Ari, Max, Felix, and Marfa—to the boundaries of human chaos and dangerous beauty, and invites you over that edge.


MINOS DOC title TK production notes/personal

Whatever happens, this one’s on Fux.


I wasn’t working—grant to apply for, supposed to put together a proposal, but I wasn’t seeing any of it. Then Meghan Sorin contacts me to shoot a studio launch event, not remotely my type of gig, and the date’s already booked with Santi.

But I couldn’t get a jitney flight, wind storms, Santi had to cancel. And Fux was at the Sorin launch, they went over with Upsetta and her crew, that night Fux starts sending me starred clips, Serge Serge Serge look look

Visuals are fucking stunning. Like Caravaggio, Bosch—primeval trees, rusted-out machine carcasses, fireworks, fire, people trancing, people crawling around in the weeds, the DJ’s up on a platform like a statue, or a tableau vivant, I’m grabbing everything, grabbing and logging. Then it starts blowing up, people posting all type of shit, a lot of transcendental woo shit that I cannot get with. But I can’t get away from those visuals.

I message Sorin, no response. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, finally she responds back but she says her DJ’s not down anymore, he doesn’t want to be followed around by a crew. I say, What if I shot solo with a Piccolo rig, fly on the wall, and leave the first time he asks me to? No response again, but it felt like something might be happening. Then she says, Sorry for the short notice, but could you do a meeting today?

I say, DJ changed his mind?

She says, Ari wants to meet you.


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